Town Attractions Including Restaurants and Bars

Head southwest of Greater London and you will find yourself in Kingston upon. More popularly known simply as Kingston, this area is notable for its historical and cultural significance. Saxon kings were crowned at its ancient market in front of huge crowds. There are venues that host dramatic arts with acts from all over the world. A number of choral societies, symphony orchestras, and other musical groups call it home. Several parks await nature lovers. It also has a thriving economy buoyed by retail establishments, as well as bars and restaurants. If you are looking for a cocktail bar kingston will not disappoint.

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Places to Eat and Drink 

You will never go hungry in Kingston. There are multiple places to eat in every direction. If you like traditional pubs, then go to the northern part of town called Canbury and check out the establishments. The interior d├ęcor tends to be simple yet warm and inviting. They offer a mix of the usual comfort foods and modern creations. There are more of these places down in the south if you are in the mood to go pub hopping. The Fairfield area is particularly popular among the locals. Aside from the pubs, you will also be able to dine in restaurants offering cuisine from around the world: Thai, Indian, Italian, Chinese, and so on.

Places to Explore

After you have filled up your tank, you should have enough energy to explore other interesting places in and around Kingston. One nice place to visit is Richmond Park which started out as a hunting ground for the royals in the seventeenth century. It has now been converted into a wildlife conservation area. There is also Bushy Park which boasts of wide grasslands with free-roaming animals, including several types of deer. It has a fountain and a water garden. Another pretty place to go to is the Hampton Court Park which is a walled royal park located near the palace.

If you are more interested in seeing high octane action, then perhaps you would be interested in checking out the local sports scene. Kingston is not that far from Wimbledon which is famous all around the world of the tennis tournament that bears the town's name. There are also a number of association football clubs that are based here. There is an athletic club with excellent facilities including a floodlit 400m track, a gym, and a small football field. Every July, there is a Kingston Regatta on the river.